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Alpaca Manure

Plant Food and Soil Enhancer

Alpaca manure consists of hay, grass, water, vitamins and minerals produced by the highly efficient digestive system of the alpaca.  The manure consists of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium/potash and is slow releasing so it doesn't burn.  Alpaca manure can go right to your garden without composting but composting with other composting materials can just enhance the already excellent qualities of the manure.

Some of the benefits of alpacas manure are:

- Virtually odorless.

- Very few of weeds and parasites.

- Can help loosen and aerate soil in lawns and pastures.

Our production team is continuously producing quality product and our farm has an endless supply on hand.

$6.00 for an approximately 40 pound bag

$10.00 per front end loader bucket in your pickup truck load (we can load with front end loader)

Call 440-477-4300 to arrange for pickup at our farm.


Updated October 31, 2021