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Alpaca Experience

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Our Little World Alpacas supports agritourism in Ohio.  Our farm is open free to the public during certain events for you to explore the alpaca farm and see what raising alpacas is all about. Experience the outdoors on a working alpaca farm and participate in seminars and other educational events.  Shop our farm store and just enjoy the serenity of being in the country with these wonderful animals.


Alpaca Experience - 1 to 5 people


- Private farm tour visit lasts 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

- Meet our herd and learn about where they came from and how we take care of them.

- You can take pictures and videos with the alpacas and pose for selfies.

- Cost is $3.00 per person. Minimum $15.00.


Note: Flip-Flops and open toed shoes are not allowed in the barn. Closed toe shoes only.

Private tour hours:

- Weekdays 11am to 3pm

- Saturdays 11am to 3pm except the second Saturday of the month


Please call for an appointment


Contact Joy at 440-724-7070 to set up an appointment and get details on group events.

Updated June 14, 2020